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 Study, Hobby and Bulk Samples Information Page

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In these listings, can be found inexpensive mineral specimens. These are intended as samples for the hobbyist or student. Most specimens here are $20 or under. There are some things sold by weight.

They are specimens of which I have a quantity. There are no pictures because it is time consuming to take photographs and post them and these prices do not justify the effort. I could post a sample picture, but then people might be disappointed their specimens don't look exactly like the picture.

This section will be similar to an old David Shannon catalog (there probably is some of their old stock in the list).

First an item number such as S0 - you need this when ordering. Next, the mineral (or rock) name. Then, the location followed by a brief description. When possible, I will list the date or year the material was collected and by whom. Also, if it came from a collection or institution this will be listed.

Then sizes available and prices for each size. If a quantity price is available, it will also be listed.

Like Shannons did, if I feel there is a range of values for a particular item, then a range of prices will be given. This allows you to either get a nicer one or save money if you just want a sample.

Quantity prices: if there is sufficient quantity to allow it, a 20% discount will be offered on 10 specimens. The price will be followed by the price for 10 specimens, Like the following example:

TN loose $1.00  10 for $8.00

Material available by weight - sometimes this will be per pound or gram, other times it might be per 10  pounds or more.


Below are the sizes and how big they are.

TN - small enough to fit in a Thumbnail box. Some TN specimens come in a TN box, others do not. This will be indicated as follows:

TN in box

TN loose

Micros - generally, I put all my small specimens in TN boxes. If the specimens are really tiny, it will be indicated as follows:

TN (micro) in box

TN (micro) loose

Min - Miniature - too big to fit in a TN box, but still fits in a 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch fold-up box (24 to a standard flat) without touching the sides.

SC - Small Cabinet - too big to fit in a 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch fold-up box, but still fits in a 3 x 4 inch fold-up box (12 to a standard flat).

Cab - Cabinet - basically fits in 5 x 5 inch fold-up box.


I will attempt to keep these in alphabetical order, usually by Mineral name with two exceptions. Some specimens will be listed under common varietal names such as the following: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Emerald. There are two sets of minerals which will be found under the group name, Garnet and Tourmaline. This allows you to find them all in one place. The listings will look like the following:

Garnet species Andradite

Toumaline species Elbaite variety Rubellite

When I sell out of any of these items, they will be removed from the list ASAP. If you order something and it is already sold out, I apologize in advance, but I cannot guarantee any of these items.

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