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Fine mineral specimens. Specializing in minerals from North and South America, rare species, native Copper specimens, specimens from Michigan, Tourmaline, Beryl and Topaz specimens.

Updates occur every Wednesday at 12:00 noon EST time (5:00 PM GMT) except in the case of holidays. Also, for the summer months, the schedule deviates from the weekly schedule.

Currently for sale on the website there is a total of 2454 mineral specimens,  which includes 1056  specimens with individual web pages,  735 thumbnail specimens,  and 683  on the galleries of mineral specimens priced under 25 dollars.

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Minerals damaged in transition for which a partial refund was made and the collector kept the specimen: 7

Mineral specimens returned without the collector opening the package, because they decided they wanted something different (and better): 5

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Latest Updates

  Minerals Specimen: Scheelite, Muscovite from Pingwu beryl mine (Xuebaoding deposit), Huya Twp., Mt Xuebaoding, Pingwu Co., Mianyang Pref., Sichuan, China

Previous Updates


Minerals Specimen: Hurealite from Cigana claim, Conselheiro Pena, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil




Minerals from Geographic Regions

United States

Minerals Specimen: Fluorite and Sphalerite on Druze Quartz from W.L. Davis-Deardorff Mine, Ozark-Mahoning Group, Cave-In-Rock, Hardin Co., Illinois



Minerals Specimen: Rutilated Quartz with Hematite from Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil



Minerals Specimen: Spessartine Garnet on Smoky Quartz from Tongbei, Yunxiao County, Zhangzhou Prefecture, Fujian Province, China



Minerals Specimen: Eudialyte, Aggrelite, Nepheline, Ferri-katophorite (Magnesiokatophorite) from Kipawa, Les Lacs-du-Temiscamingue, Temiscamingue RCM, Quebec, Canada



Minerals Specimen: Amethyst Pseudomorph after Calcite? from Guanajuato, Mexico



Minerals Specimen: Morganite from Alto Ligonha pegmatites, Alto Ligonha District, Zambezia Province, Mozambique



Minerals Specimen: Orange Quartz on Sphalerite from 2nd Sovietskii Mine, Dal'negorsk, Primorskiy Kray, Far-Eastern Region, Russia

South and Central America


Minerals Specimen: Sigloite Pseudomorph after Paravauxite from Siglo Veinte Mine, Llallagua, Rafael Bustillo Prov., Potosi Dept., Bolivia



Minerals Specimen: Turquouise in China Clay from Treverbyn, St Austell District, Cornwall, England



Minerals Specimen: Okenite Included in Optical Calcite from Mumbai District, Maharashtra, India



Minerals Specimen: Copper Crystals from Copper Falls Mine, Copper Falls, near Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County, Michigan, USA



Minerals Specimen: Vanadinite from Pure Potential Mine (North Geronimo Mine), Silver District, Trigo Mts, La Paz Co., Arizona, USA


New York

Minerals Specimen: Herkimer Diamonds from Herkimer, New York, USA



Minerals Specimen: Gold on Quartz from Harvard Mine, Jamestown, Mother Lode belt, Tuolumne Co., California, USA



Minerals Specimen: Orpiment Crystal from Getchell Mine, Humboldt Co., Nevada, USA


New Jersey

Minerals Specimen: Prehnite Casts from Lane & Sons Traprock quarries, Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, USA


New England

Minerals Specimen: Watermelon Tourmaline from Mt. Mica, Paris, Oxford County, Maine, USA



Galleries by Special Interest

Rare Species

Minerals Specimen: Barbosalite and Hureaulite from Lavra do Tome, Galileia, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Pseudomorphs and Casts

Minerals Specimen: Malachite pseudomorph after Cuprite from Chessy copper mines, Chessy-les-Mines, Le Bois d'Oingt, Rhone, Rhone-Alpes, France


Minerals with Inclusions

Minerals Specimen: Okenite Included in Optical Calcite from Mumbai District, Maharashtra, India



Minerals Specimen: Two Generation Fluoresecent Calcite from Chihuahua, Mexico


Polished and Worked

Minerals Specimen: Agate from Baker Egg Ranch, Carrizalillo District, Luna Co., New Mexico, USA


Sorted by Most Recent

 Minerals Specimen: Spessartine Garnet on Smoky Quartz from Tongbei, Fujian, China


Sorted Alphabetically 

Minerals Specimen: Amazonite from Father's Day Pocket, Crystal Creek Area, Teller Co., Colorado June2007


Galleries by Species or Group



Minerals Specimen: Tourmaline from Pederneira claim, Sao Jose da Safira, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil



Minerals Specimen: Copper Crystals from Flint Steel Mine, Ontonagon County, Michigan, USA



Minerals Specimen: Orange Heulandite, Stilbite and Chalcedony Stalactites from Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India 


Minerals Specimen: Two Generation Fluoresecent Calcite from Chihuahua, Mexico



Minerals Specimen: Smoky Quatrz Scepter on Amethyst from Itaguacu, Espirito Santo, Brazil



Minerals Specimen: Fluorite from Cave-In-Rock, Hardin County, Illinois



Minerals Specimen: Pink Topaz on Quartz with Magnesite from Brumado, Bahia, Brazil




Minerals Specimen: Red Beryl on Rhyolite Matrix from Violet Claims, Wah Wah Mountains, Beaver County, Utah, USA


Gold and Silver

Minerals Specimen: Gold on Quartz from Harvard Mine, Jamestown, Mother Lode belt, Tuolumne Co., California, USA



Minerals Specimen: Raspberry Garnet (Grossular) from Sierra de Cruces, Coahuila, Mexico




Systematic Galleries


Native Elements 

Minerals Specimen: Sulfur from Maybee Quarry, Maybee, Monroe Co., Michigan

Oxides & Hydroxides

Minerals Specimen: Rutile on Hematite from Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil



Minerals Specimen: Marcasite Stalactite (Repaired) from Blackstone Mine, Shullsburg, Lafayette Co., Wisconsin



Minerals Specimen: Rhodochrosite, Hubnerite and Quartz from Pasto Bueno District, Pallasca Province, Ancash Department, Peru



Minerals Specimen: Purple Halite from Intrepid East Potash Mine, Carlsbad, Edy Co., New Mexico



Minerals Specimen: Galena, Cerussite, Pyromorphite and Quartz from Wheatley Mines, Phoenixville Mining District, Schuylkill Township, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, USA



Minerals Specimen: Selenite on Red Gypsum from Michigan Cold Storage, Wyoming, Kent Co., Michigan


Borates and Hydrocarbons

Minerals Specimen: Tincalconite from Boron, Kern Co., California



Minerals Specimen: Chalcopyrite Crystals on Danburite from Mina La Aurora, Charcas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico



Minerals Specimen: Datolite from Cape Mine, Mosquito District, Copper Harbor, Keweenaw Co., Michigan, USA



Minerals Specimen: Rhodonite Crystal with Galena and Sphalerite from Broken Hill, Yancowinna Co., New South Wales, Australia




Minerals Specimen: Amazonite from Florissant, Teller Co., Colorado, USA


Minerals Specimen: Benitoite with minor Neptunite from Gem Mine, San Benito County, California, USA



Minerals Specimen: Lepidolite from Coronel Murta, Minas Gerais, Brazil





Galleries by Price 


Under 25 Dollars

Minerals Specimen: Rosasite with Hemimorphite from Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico


25 to 49 Dollars

Minerals Specimen: Creedite from Mina Navidad, Abasolo, Durango, Mexico


50 to 99 Dollars

Minerals Specimen: Schorl Tourmaline on Aquamarine from Mimoso do Sul Mine, Mimoso do Sul, Espirito Santo, Brazil


100 to 199 Dollars

Minerals Specimen: Lazulite Pseudomorph after Sodalite with Pyrite and Mica from Faisbad, Koksha Valley, Jurm District, Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan


200 to 299 Dollars

Minerals Specimen: Morganite from Urucum Mine, Galileia, Minas Gerais, Brazil


300 to 499 Dollars

Minerals Specimen: Tourmaline on Quartz from Barra do Salinas, Coronel Murta, Minas Gerais, Brazil


500 Dollars and Greater

Minerals Specimen: Etched Goshenite on Aquamarine Crystal from Minas Gerais, Brazil


Wulfenite on Mottramite from the 79 Mine, Hayden, Gila Co., Arizona