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All specimens are listed alphabetically.
When ordering anything from this page, please include the prefix S with the item number like the following:
S5 Atacamite Daye Iron Mine
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S8 Anilite: Roadcut near the Champion Mine near Painsdale, Houghton Co., Michigan, USA

This is a rare Copper Sulfide. This is the first time it has been found in Michigan. Analysis work was done by George Robinson of the Seaman Museum. A copy of the analysis will be sent. With possible Malachite and Calcite.

Currently sold out.

S5 Atacamite: Daye Iron Mine, Hubei, China

This is a new location for this mineral and the first occurence in China that I have heard of. Bright green thin needle-like crystals with good luster. Rather attractive. These vary in quality and so does the price. If you want a discount on 10, it would have to be on specimens all with the same price (then you would pay for 8). You will have to email or call to see about availability of quantities.

TN - boxed - 5.00 10 for 40.00

There is a very fine, choice specimen listed in the Rare Species Gallery.

S12 Axinite-Fe: New Melones Dam, Calaveras Co., California, USA

Dark brown with a purple tint. Good examples of triclinic crystal structure.

TN - boxed - 3.00 to 10.00

S46 Azurite on Quartz: Panimint Mountains, Inyo Co., California

Bright blue Azurite scattered across contrasting white massive Quartz. The Azurite is just a thin coating with no crystallization. On some specimens, the Azurite is included in the Quartz. Most of the specimens also have massive Galena and some specimens have green Malachite. The specimens have been glued onto a foam base.

Min - 3.00 10 for 24.00

S27 Balydonite: 3 Metals mine, Weepah District, Esmeralda Co., Nevada, USA

Bright green massive. Some specimens associated with massive Cuprite (specify if you want one of these). There are quite a few Cu minerals at this location, it is likely most specimens contain other species. Although listed as TNs, many are bigger than will fit in a TN box - if you want a smaller one that will fit - please specify - otherwise the persumption will be you want a larger specimen.

Min - 3.00 10 for 24.00

S4 Calcite variety: Terlingua type (acid washed):: Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Bright reddish pink mixed with white. Fluoresence and Phosphorence similar to the old Terlingua Texas Calcite (I have seen this material sold as such). Bright reddish/pink under LW, bright light blue under SW. Phosphorescent under SW, a light blue even in a fully lit room - I know of no other phosphorescent material this strong. These have been washed in acid, which gives them a shiny appearance and brings out the color better. The following prices are for the acid-washed material - see S3 for natural)

Min - 3.00 10 for 24.00

SC - 7.00 10 for 56.00

20 lbs (9.1 kg) of miniature size for 80.00 - 4.00 per lb. (8.80 per kg) This fits in a large flat rate box.

S3 Calcite variety: Terlingua type (natural):: Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Bright reddish pink mixed with white. Fluoresence and Phosphorence similar to the old Terlingua Texas Calcite (I have seen this material sold as such). Bright reddish/pink under LW, bright light blue under SW. Phosphorescent a light blue under SW even in a fully lit room - I know of no other phosphorescent material this strong. The following prices are for the natural material - see S4 for acid washed)

Min - 2.00 10 for 16.00

SC - 5.00 10 for 40.00

20 lbs (9.1 kg) of miniature size for60.00 - 3.00 per lb. (6.60 per kg) This fits in a large flat rate box.

S44 Chrysocolla: Globe, Gila County, Arizona, USA

Sky blue massive pieces of Chrysocolla. Quite pretty color, very popular at gem and mineral shows.

Min - 3.00 10 for 24.00

S24 Clinoclase: Majuba Hill, Pershing County, Nevada USA

Dark nay blue lustrous crystals.

TN - loose - 2.00 to 10.00

S38 Clinozoisite, Fluorite and Mica: White Mountains, Inyo County, California

Attractive pink massive Clinozoisite and massive purple Fluorite. Many have curved plates of Mica. A few have a clear material which appears to be Selenite. Please specify if you want any of the Mica or clear material. Glued onto a foam base.

Min - 5.00 10 for 40.00

S36 Enstatite: Bluestone Mine, Lyon County, Nevada

Brown to bronze colored Enstatite. Many of the specimens have a partial coating of green to blue green Chrysocolla which actually increases the attractiveness of the specimens. Glued onto a foam base.

Min - 3.00 10 for 24.00

S13 Fluorite: Felix Mine, near Azusa, Los Angeles Co., California, USA

Light to dark green crystals or crystal fragments (priced accordingly). Good luster and clarity.

TN - boxed - 3.00 to 10.00

S39 Fluorite Cleavages: Cave-In-Rock, Hardin County, Illinois and William Wise Mine, Westmoreland, New Hampshire

Cleavages from the creation of Fluorite octahedrons. Sizes range from very small to 3 or more cm. Color of the Illinois specimens can be white, clear, amber, purple, blue, yellow and zoning of various colors. The Illinois specimens can have inclusions of Chalcopyrite, Barite and Bitumen and can fluoresce under LW either light blue or yellow. The New Hampshire specimens are green and fluoresce a vivid blue under LW. It is common to have cleavages shaped as equilateral triangles and occasionally three sided pyramidal shapes. These make great educational specimens for exhibiting cleavage and as hardness examples. These came from an octahedron chipper and were puchased in the mid 1990s. A mix will be sent with no guarantee as to size, shape, color or inclusions. In general, a little of each can expected and there will definitely be specimens from both locations nor will there will be all small pieces. The yellow and blue pieces are fairly scarce.

7.00 per lb. 10 lbs. for 50.00

S42 Fluorite Octahedrons, Small size: Cave-In-Rock, Hardin County, Illinois

These are not natural crystals, but rather cleavages from larger cubic crystals. The result is regular octahedrons with 8 sides. All of the sides are the same length and the corners all have the same angle. These are great examples of cleavage in 4 directions and also ideal for hardness kits. I originally bought these in southern Illinois in the spring of 1996 soon after the last of the Fluorite mines closed. These are sold as a lot because there a mix of colors and a bit of variation of size. The average size is 12 mm on an edge or 16 mm across opposing corners. Colors range from white to clear to light purple to dark purple. Occosionally, interesting color zoning can be seen. Clarity ranges from opaque to translucent to clear. Each lot will have a mix of colors. It is possible there may be specimens with included Chalcopyrite, Barite or reddish Hematite (these are from a surface deposit). Also, a few of the octahedrons are fluorescent under long wave UV. The white and clear ones can fluoresce pale blue. Others have inclusions of bitumen (asphaltite) which fluoresces yellow. No guarantee is made regarding inclusions or fluorescents. If you have specific needs, then a special order can be made, but this will cost more for the time spent to fill the order. There are a few yellow and blue specimens set aside, but these are in high demand and cost 3.00 to 5.00 each. As soon as they are located in storage, other sizes of octahedrons will be made available.

TN - loose 7 for 5.00

20 for 10.00

50 for 20.00

S33 Gahnite ZnAl2O4: Caicara Pegmatite, Pariaba, Northwest Region, Brazil

These are small pieces of massive material. The color is a dark green, but when held up in front of a light are a pleasant emerald green on the edges where the light is transmitted. These are sold by the gram with pieces ranging from .5 to 9 grams. Most are in the 2 to 5 gram range. Please specify the number of grams you want and the size of specimens you want.

TN - loose - vary in size - 1.00 / g 10 g for 7.50

S10 Glauconite (Zn,Cu)10Al6(SO4)3(OH)32·18H2O: Green County, Wisconsin, USA - Collected by Jim Defoe

Pale Green to Olive Green spherical concretions of sand cemented together with Glauconite. Each one is different. Some are composed of one large sphere with smaller spheres growing from the large one. Others are a group of similar sized spheres. Yet others are a mix of sizes.

TN - loose - 3.00

Min - 5.00 to 10.00

S35 Halloysite: Gold Hill Mine, Tooele County, Utah

The color of the Hallyosite on these specimens varies from white to bright green depending upon staining due to the presence of Copper. Other unidentified minerals are present on some specimens. The specimens have been glued onto white foam bases (I didn't do it).

small Min. - 3.00 10 for 24.00

S40 Hematite, Specular: Champion Mine, Marquette County, Michigan

Sparkly pieces of massive Hematite composed of micaceous crystals colored silver to dark gray. From the Nagaunee Iron Formation which is dated at 2.11 billion years old. Quite attractive.

TN - loose: 5 for 1.00

min - 2.00

SC - 5.00

S32 Kyanite, Gemmy Bicolor: Anage, Bahia, Brazil

Long single crystals of very gemmy transparent Kyanite. The color is a light green with a dark blue center running the length of the crystal. The crystals are 4 cm or longer with a cross section which ranges fron 4 x 2 mm to 7 x 4 mm. There is some variation in the width of the blue interior. Also, available are a couple all blue crystals, all green crystals and blue at one end and green at the other - please specify if you wish one of these.

Min. - 7.50 10 for 60.00

S34 Mariposite with Milky Quartz: near Bagby, Mariposa, County (Type Location)

This is not actually a valid species, but rather a distinctive bright green colored mica in the series between Muscovite and Celadonite which is also called Phengite. The color is a bright, Emerald green which contrast nicely with the white milky Quartz and an unidentified black material. The specimens have been glued onto white foam bases (I didn't do it).

small Min. - 2.50

S17 Millerite: Wallace Stone Quarry, Bayport, Huron County, Michigan, USA - collected by Ron Aldridge

Nice specimens. Found in a seam of Bitumen in Siliceous Limestone in Nov. 2009. Some have Quartz crystals; others just limestone. Here in Michigan, the quarry is better known as the Bayport Quarry. Bayport is the closest town of any size and is in the "Thumb" of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. The area is also known for its vast farms of sugar beets. To get to the quarry, one passes by huge piles of beets at the Pioneer Sugar Plant. The quarry is also noted for a particularly nice form of Calcite. Locally called Root Beer Calcite, it is dark brown with iridescence (although recently I saw a piece of light brown Calcite with purple iridecesnce).

TN - boxed - 5.00 to 15.00

Min - 5.00 to 25.00

There is a choice specimen in the Michigan Gallery.

S37 Myrickite: Cinnabar included in Common Opal: B&B mine, Fish Lake Valley District, Esmeralda County, Nevada, USA

Brilliant red Cinnabar which contrasts nicely with enclosing white opaque Common Opal. Myrickite is an old name used by lapidarists for this material. It does take a high polish and makes quite nice cabs (of course these are small and only yield small cabs). There is some variation in color; a few specimens are a more orange color;pPlease specify of you want any of the orange colored ones. Glued onto foam bases.

Min - 3.00 10 for 24.00

There is a large specimen which can be found on the Minerals with Inclusions gallery.

S41 Native Copper: Caledonia Mine, Ontonagon County, Michigan, USA

Hackly Copper attached to minor metamorphosed basalt. The Copper is a bright metallic color. It has been cleaned and sealed to prevent tarnishing. Some specimens have minor Epidote on the basalt. Larger specimens are available upon request.

Min. - 7.00 5 for 28.00

S15 Petalite: Itinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Gemmy, white to clear crystal fragments/cleavages.

TN - loose - 5.00

S47 Quartz after Beta Quartz: 25 miles north of Guaymas, Sonora Mexico Ex. Steve Pullman

Crystals are composed of two opposing hexagonal pyramids with no side prism faces and are 5 to 8 mm across. Color is reddish. Some crystals have hopper growths.

TN - loose - 1.00 10 for 8.00

TN - boxed - 1.50 10 for 12.00

S45 Ruby Corundum, Muscovite var: Fuschite, Hematite, Titanite and Phlogopite: Cascade Canyon near Nt. Baldy, San Gabriel Mts, Los Angeles Co., California, USA

This is something different, Ruby crystals from Los Angeles county. The location is in the mountains, just north of Claremont. The Corundum ranges from pink to reddish purple with many of the crystals complete and set in a white matrix. There are the following four other minerals found on these specimens which may vary from specimen to specimen: bright green Muscovite variety Fuschite, olive colored Titanaite which is a bit glassyand fairly scarce, micro, black, metallic Hematite crystals and in some specimens, light brown Phlogopite. Only Corundum is listed for the location on mindat, but someone who purchased one of these specimens saw one at the Culver City show (a suburb in LA) on which the other species were identified. Access to the location is quite difficult due to very rough terrain. The specimens have been glued to a foam base (I didn't do it). Collected by John Seibel.

Min - 4.50 10 for 36.00

S31 Stibnite: Wuling Mine, Qingjiang, Wuning County, Jiujiang Prefecture, Jiangxi Province, China

Long, thin single crystals which are dark gray with high luster. Length ranges from 4.5 to 6 cm. Width ranges from .5 to .8 cm. Thickness appx. .2 cm.

Min - 3.00 10 for 24.00

S2 Sulfur: Maybee, Monroe County, Michigan, USA

Bright yellow Sulfur from just south of Detroit. There are both complete crystals and cleaved crystals available. All have etched surfaces. Currently, this Limestone quarry is closed to collectors and the zone being worked is not producing Sulfur. The TN sized specimens were self collected on 12/21/91 and July of 1993. The miniature specimens are from different collections from southern Michigan and date from the 1960s to the early 1990s. If known, the year or approximate year will be provided on the label. Price of the miniatures is dependent upon the completeness of the crystal, the size, and the brightness of the color. These make excellent educational specimens. However, because Sulfur is fragile, the boxed TN specimens are recommended if the specimens are to be handled frequently.

TN - loose - 2.00 10 for 16.00

TN - boxed - 3.00 10 for 24.00

Min. - 5.00 to 10.00

There iare choice specimens which are located in the Michigan Gallery and the Elements Gallery.

S11 Titantaramellite, Sanbornite, Kampfite, with possible Macdonaldite, Traskite: Esquire #1 Claim, Rush Creek, Fresno Co., California, USA (Type Location)

The Titantaramellite is found as small black crystals in a white matrix comprised primarily of Sanbornite and Kampfite. This is the type location for Kampfite, Macdonaldite and Traskite.

Currently sold out.

If you specifically want Macdonaldite and Traskite, please indicate this when ordering.

S14 Vanadinite: Geronimo Mine, Silver District, Trigo Mts, La Paz Co., Arizona, USA

Really nice hopper growth crystals. These are not attached to matrix; apparently, due to the rapid growth. There are actually two mines at this location, the Pure Potential (formerly the North Geronimo Mine) and the South Geronimo Mine. I do not know which specific mine these come from (they are only appx. 600 m or 1800 ft apart). I got some specimens from Dave Shannon from the Pure Potential Mine in the mid 90s and these look very similar. There is an article on the Pure Potential Mine in Min. Rec. in 1996 vol. 27 p. 363.

TN - loose - 2.00 to 9.00