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Mineral Specimen #6766    Calcite on Celestine

Mina Tule, Melchor Muzquiz, Municipio de Muzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico

15 x 7 x 3.1 cm
5.9 x 2.8 x 1.2 in


Ex. Steve Pullman

Two Celestine crystals cojoined at an angle. The smaller crystal has notched sides. The crystals are slightly off white in color, have a glossy luster and are translucent. Particularly interesting is the presence of Calcite. Mindat states: Calcite is a common associated species but is commonly damaged and removed. The Calcite on this specimen is composed of small white colored crystals which fluoresce a slightly yellow creamy color under both LW and SW UV, a little more yellow under LW.

Condition: Fairly Good

Flaws: The larger crystal is incomplete. Slight bruising on some of the Calcite. There are a few internal cleaves.

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