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Mineral Specimen #6257    Actinolte variety: Byssolite, Calcite, Albite

New Melones Dam Spillway, Calaveras Co., California

5.5 x 4.1 x 3.7 cm


Here is something different for a location famous for its Axinite crystals; thin, fibrous crystals of Actinolite of an olive green color. In places, Calcite crystals with an orange coating of iron oxides have grown on the Actinolite. A note on the color: the Calcite is a bit more orange in color, but there was no way to edit the color and not change the Actinolite color which is accurate. There are also small, gemmy, clear Albite crystals present.

Condition: Fairly Good

Flaws: The Calcite and Albite are damaged in places.

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