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Mineral Specimen #6080    Selenite on Red Gypsum

Grand Rapids Gypsum Mine, Michigan Natural Storage, Wyoming, Kent Co., Michigan

7 x 4.8 x 4.3 cm


Water clear Selenite crystals with red/orange interiors. The crystals are well formed and have a high glassy luster. The Grand Rapids gypsum mines have been inactive for over a hundred years. There are several miles of tunnels approximately 100 feet below the surface. Sections of the old mines are now kept refrigerated and are used to store vast amounts of frozen and refregerated food. Collecting was still allowed to clubs in the unused tunnels up until recently, when a very small, Midwestern earthquake caused some of the ceilings to collapse in one of the unused tunnels. The Gypsum from the mines is noted for its unusual, unique vivid orange color which referred to as 'Red Gypsum' and is attributed to iron inclusions . Specimens with clear Selenite crystals never were common and very few such specimens have been collected in the last 50 years. This specimen is a very fine example. Interestingly, we do a mineral show in Wyoming, Michigan directly above the old tunnels. The last photo is myself, in my younger days, collecting from the ceiling of one of the tunnels.

Condition: Very Good to Excellent

Flaws: Very slight bruising on a couple of the corners of the largest crystals.

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