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Mineral Specimen #5369    Highly Modified Fluorite Crystals, Calcite, Chalcopyrite, Galena, Dolomite

Wheal Mary Ann, Menheniot, Liskeard District, Cornwall, England

8.1 x 6.8 x 4.2 cm


The Fluorite crystals on this specimen are highly modified with unusual shapes. The crystals are white to clear in color with some being water clear (note: the crystals are more colorless than some of the pictures would indicate). Included within and on the surface of the crystals are small, dark colored Chalcopyrite crystals. This is an old location which was worked from 1843 until 1875 and produced lead and silver from silver bearing Galena. Much of the matrix of this specimen is Galena and is subsequently relatively heavy.

Condition: Good

Flaws: Some of the Fluorite crystals are damaged and many of the Fluorite crystals have interal cleaves.

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