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Mineral Specimen #5341    Yellow Smithsonite with Greenockite and minor, porbable Scheelite

Wenshan, Yunan Province, China

7.4 x 6.1 x 2.1 cm


Banded yellow Smithsonite with a hint of green which lies over a layer of white Smithsonite. This specimen is unique in that on one side, there is black banding in the layers of yellow Smithsonite. Under SW UV, the top layer of Smithsonite fluoresces a light pink and the black banded side fluoresces a deeper pink/red color. Please note: the fluorescence is not vivid unless placed under a strong light. One interesting thing that was revealed under SW was the presence of likely Scheelite. The exact location is not known, but there are number of pegmatites in Wenshan which are mined for Scheelite. Like yellow Smithsonite from other locations, the color is likely due to micro inclusions of Cadmium likely in the form of Greenockite. One piece of evidence for this assumption is indicated by how bright the yellow is when photographed with a digital camera which necessitates decreasing the saturation in the photos to realistically portray the specimen. This has been the same case with yellow Smithsonite with included Greenockite from Arkansas, Mexico and Ireland. On the banded side of the specimen, there are patches of a yellow/orange colored material - this is likely Greenockite.

Condition: Fairly Good

Flaws: There are a number of hariline cracks in the top surface layer as well as a few minor chips/bruises.

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