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Mineral Specimen #5197    Yellow Fluorite with Purple Edging and Included Chalcopyrite

Hardin Co., Illinois

Ex. A. Neely, 1960s

Cubic Fluorite crystals which are a light yellow color except for an outer layer of light purple. The crystals are well formed, have a high luster and are transparent except for a layer of smaller, opaque crystals on the bottom of the specimen. There are golden colored Chalcopyrite crystals which are for the most part included in the Fluorite crystals but a few are partially exposed. Please note: the yellow color is a little more subtle than in the pictures with the black background. Also, on the last picture, which is of the bottom of the specimen, there is some ornage material present. This is a mix of old discolored glue and styrofoam and since the picture was taken, has been mostly removed.

Condition: Good

Flaws: Some of the crystals have internal cleaves and there is some chipping on some of the corners.

5.1 x 4 x 1.7 cm
The largest crystal is 1.2 cm on the longest edge


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