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Mineral Specimen #5098    Barite

Force Crag Mine, Coledale Valley, Braithwaite District, Cumbria, England

9.7 x 5 x 2.1 cm


Ex. H. R. McBroom from 1987 trade with Eric Otty

A Barite crystal composed of a multitude of sub crystals in a parallel orientation which formed in layers. The Barite is white to clear in color with some reddish iron oxide staining. The surfaces have a high, glossy luster. One side of the specimen has been sawed and the specimen sets nicely on one edge (no pictures of the specimen in this position - I just discovered this while writing this description). The Force Crag Mine was the last working metal mine in the Lake District and was abandoned in 1991 due to a water caused collapse in 1990. The site was originally mined for lead from 1839 until 1865 and then for zinc and Barite from 1867 onwards. During World War II, it was heavily mined for Barite.

Condition: Good

Flaws: There a small number of very small chips on some of the edges and there are some small internal cleaves.

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