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Mineral Specimen #5056    Stalactic Quartz, Sphalerite, Calcite

Bixby, Viburnum Trend District, Iron Co., Missouri

Ex. Robert Gannon

Stalactic growths of Quartz have grown on a base of Sphalerite crystals. The Quartz crystals are short and stubby and have a high sparkly luster. The color of the Quartz varies from white to slightly off white. In places, the Sphalerite crystals can be seen included within the Quartz. The bottom of the specimen is composed of small red/brown Sphalerite crystals upon which have grown small, double terminated beige Calcite crystals. The Quartz on this specimen is one of the very best I have seen from Missouri.

Condition: Excellent

Flaws: A few of the Calcite crystals on the bottom of the specimen are slightly bruised.

14.3 x 13.8 x 5.5 cm


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