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Mineral Specimen #4995    Green/Yellow Botryoidal Smithsonite

Wenshan, Yunnan Province, China

5.3 x 4 x 2.3 cm


Rounded, botryoidal Smithsonite which is yellow in color with a hint of green. Like yellow Smithsonite from other locations, the color is likely due to micro inclusions of Cadmium likely in the form of Greenockite. One piece of evidence for this assumption is indicated by how bright the yellow is when photographed with a digital camera which necessitates decreasing the saturation in the photos to realistically portray the specimen. This has been the same case with yellow Smithsonite with included Greenockite from Arkansas, Mexico and Ireland. There are places which have a thin layer of a yellow/orange colored material - this is likely Greenockite.

Condition: Good

Flaws: There is a crack at one end of the specimen which is colored with likely Greenockite.

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