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Mineral Specimen #4853    Mixite on Quartz

South Pit, Gold Hill Mine, Tooele Co., Utah

Collected by Pat Haynes, 8/14/2007


There are acicular, radiating, spherical aggregates of Mixite crystals on the surface of white Quartz crystals. The color of the Mixite ranges from white to bright green to blue. The more blue colored material has likely pseudomorphed to Chrysocolla. The bright green material may also be a pseudomorph, but it is unclear what the replacement mineral is. In both cases, the crystals are more rounded. Collected by Pat Haynes, a noted field collector of the Southwest US who has discovered several new species, including Haynesite which was named after him.

Condition: Very Good

Flaws: Most of the underlying Quartz crystals are incomplete.

7.3 x 4.9 x 5.5 cm


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