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Mineral Specimen #4720    Azurite, Malachite, Chalcopyrite


14.2 x 8.2 x 4.4 cm


A large cabinet sized specimen coated with a druze of midnight blue Azurite crystals. The crystals have a high, sparkly luster. Also present is some minor Malachite, blebs of Chalcopyrite and massive Quartz. Also present is a dark gray colored sulphide, which because of its cleavage, at first glance appears to be Galena. However, this material exhibits blue and purple iridescence in many places. This can occur with Galena, but the material may be some type of copper sulphide. The orange colored material is also unidentified. From the cleavage, it appears to be Calcite, but does not react to acid. Barite is a possibility, especially since the specimen is relatively heavy (which may also indicate Galena). The specimen is from a small collection purchased from suburban Detroit. Unfortunately, the location was labeled simply as Arizona. There are a large number of locations in Arizona where Azurite has been found. However, I cannot place the specimen more exactly.

Condition: Good

Flaws: There are bruised areas and there are places where there is no Azuirte coverage.

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