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Mineral Specimen #4685    Riversideite on Vesuvianite variety: Idocrase and Blue Calcite

Commercial Quarry, Crestmore, Riverside Co., California

circa 1950, Ex. Steve Pullman, Ex. California Academy of Sciences, Ex. Steve Pullman


The Riversideite is the white colored material present in this specimen as veins through a matrix composed of brown colored Vesuvianite and blue Calcite. There is one wider area where there is a microcrystalline crust. This is a very rare mineral seldom available from the type location. One well formed Vesuvianite crystal is present. There is a healed crack running across the specimen and through the one Vesuvianite crystal. The Calcite appears to have been subjected to acid etching, probably to expose the Riversideite.


Flaws: Most of the Vesuvianite is massive, broken material.

5.2 x 3.1 x 1.9 cm


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