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Mineral Specimen #4640    Andradite Garnet

Stanley Butte, Stanley District, Santa Teresa Mts, San Carlos Indian Reservation, Graham Co., Arizona

Collected in 1995

A solid mass of olive green colored Andradite garnet crystals with a good luster. On one side of the specimen, the larger crystals are covered with myriads of sparkly, micro crystals. Although from the Kirk Valuet collection, I origianlly sold him the speicmen. It was collected by a couple of deadhead, hippy types who were selling flats from their trunk at the Holiday Inn show in Denver in 1995 (where I was selling from a room that year).

Condition: Fairly Good

Flaws: Many of the crystals have internal fractures. There is one area where the crystals are damaged.

From the Kirk Valuet collection

4.3 x 3.9 x 2.9 cm


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