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Mineral Specimen #4609    Benitoite, Natrolite, Crossite, Joanquinite-(Ce)

Gem Mine, San Benito Co., California

Joaquinite-(Ce): >NaBa2Ce2FeTi2[Si4O12]2O2(OH,F)·H2O

Three well formed, dark blue colored Benitoite crystals on a bed of light blue/gray colored Crossite. The faces of the crystals are smooth but somewhat dull in luster. When backlit, the crystals can be seen to be semi gemmy. Under SW UV, the crystals fluoresce a vivid light blue color. Also present are small, light orange colored crystals of Joquinite-(Ce) for which this is also the type location.

Condition: Very Good

Flaws: Nothing Appreciable

2.4 x 0.9 x 1.5 cm


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