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Mineral Specimen #4378    Andradite Garnet, Sphalerite

Location Unknown

9 x 4.2 x 2.8 cm


Ex. A. Neely, 1960s

This specimen is a bit of a mystery and came with no label, so the identification of the minerals contained in the specimen are speculative on my part - if anyone has any suggestions, do feel free to send me an email - especially regarding the possible location. That being said, it is quite attractive with a rich, vivid, orange color. The garnet crystals are crudely formed and are undergrown with black Sphalerite and white Quartz. This appears to be from a skarn zone where Andradite and sulfides can be found together. For the most part, the specimen is quite solid despite its granularity (as can be deduced by its being sawed on one side); however, one small crystal did become dislodged when the specimen was being handled.

Condition: Good, but the specimen is composed of massive material.

Flaws: Essentially massive, granular materail. Some of the Andradite crystals are partially fractured.

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