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Mineral Specimen #4374    Pabstite, Meneghinite

Pacific Limestone Products (Kalkar) Quarry), Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., California

Type Location

Ex. Steve Pullman

Ba(Sn,Ti)(Si3O9), Pb13CuSb7S24

Two quite rare species are present in this specimen, both of which are scattered throughout the limestone matrix. Meneghinite is present as small blebs which exhibit a dark gray color and a metallic luster. Under visible light, the very rare Pabstite is difficult to find. It is present as small blebs and grains having a salmon pink color. However, under SW UV, the Pabstite fluoresces a bright blue color similar to Benitoite to which Pabstite is closely related. The specimen has been sawed at one end. Also, many of the smaller blebs of color in the UV photo are likely lint.

Condition: Good, but the specimen is composed of massive material.

Flaws: Nothing Appreciable

7.6 x 6.9 x 4.7 cm


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