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Mineral Specimen #4365    Coquimbite

Old Borate District, Borate, Calico District, Calico Mt., San Bernardino Co., California

Ex. John Melhase, pre 1938, Ex. California Academy of Sciences, Ex. Steve Pullman


When first found, Coquimbite is a light violet color, but changes after being exposed to either moisture in the air or light. Since this specimen was collected before 1938 (the year John Melhase died), this specimen has completed turned to a light yellow color (note: the color in person is a bit more yellow than in the photos). There is a whole thread regarding this change on mindat. And although mention is made regarding the change, no mention is made to what the resulting material is. This specimen is also a bit powdery when handled which is also common with Coquimbite specimens unless there are stored with care. The specimen is in good condition but is essentially massive material.

3.9 x 3.3 x 2.1 cm


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