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Mineral Specimen #4293    Millerite and Chalcopyrite on and included in Calcite

Coralville, Johnson Co., Iowa

5.8 x 3.1 x 1.6 cm


A very nice spray of Millerite crystals on Calcite. Although the Calcite on the majority of the specimen is white and opaque, the crystals on which the Millerite is located are clear with very smooth sides and a high luster. The Millerite is partially included in the Calcite. There are also small Chalcopyrite crystals present which are also partially included in the Calcite. The color of the Millerite has a slight greenish tinge. Interstingly, Coralville is a stopping point for me when traveling to Denver. One of the old limestone quarries is visible from I-80. The area is now pretty built up. The specimen is in very good condition with no appreciable damage.

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