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Mineral Specimen #4191    Silver/Copper Halfbreed with Casts

Minesota Mine, Ontonagon Co., Michigan

Ex. George Katzmarek

An attractive Silver on Copper specimen from the Minesota Mine with bright Silver contrasting with the Copper which is iridescent in one area. A note on the name of the mine: this is not a typo, the name of the mine was named after the state of Minnesota, but the name was misspelled when the mine was named. Also present on the specimen are several casts of crystal terminations which were likely Quartz but may have been Calcite (a little hard to tell from the shapes). The name, halfbreed, is derived from early American derogatory slang for a person of European and Native American parentage since they were considered part white and part red like the color of the copper/silver specimens from Michigan's Copper Country. This particular mine was mined by native Americans. In 1847, a mass of native copper weighing 6 tons (5.4 metric tons) was discovered in a pit dug by native American miners. Within the pit, there was growing a hemlock tree which was dated at being nearly 400 years old by the number of its growth rings. Later, in 1865, during mining operations, a much larger mass weighing 527 tons (478 metric tons) was discovered. The specimen is in good condition but some of the Silver has been flattened.

4.3 x 3.4 x 1.5 cm


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