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Mineral Specimen #4174    Wulfenite

Bleiberg, Carnithia, Austria

Type Location

Ex. Charles M. Noll Collection

A solid mass of blocky Wulfenite crystals from the type location. Such specimens are not common. The color ranges from tan/brown to orange. A variety of habits is present from blocky rectangular to tabular to pyramidal. In places, the crystals are stacked on one another. The specimen is quite heavy since it is composed completely of Wulfenite with no other matrix. Note: this specimen is being sold on consignment to the Noll estate; when shipped, it has been agreed it will insured, including international orders. The specimen is in good condition with the exception of a couple of small damaged areas which are not noticeable and do not distract from the appearance of the specimen.

9.9 x 6.4 x 5.3 cm


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