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Mineral Specimen #3811    Double Terminated Calcite

Midwestern USA

13.1 x 8.5 x 9.7 cm


This specimen has been setting on my work table for a few weeks. One visitor thought it reminded them of the Starship Enterprise (bear in mind, this was the day Leonard Nemoy aka Spock passed away). Another person thought it looked a T Rex head. The Calcite is covered with a secondary overcoat and is a fairly uniform light gray color. One end has a single chisel shaped termination and the other end has multiple terminations. There was no label with the specimen, but it is from Midwestern US, either Ohio, Indiana or southern Michigan and was likely self collected by Bob Gannon. The specimen is in fairly good condition except the termination is partially cleaved and there are a couple contact points from missing crystals.

From the Robert Gannon collection

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