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Mineral Specimen #3762    Golden Healer Spirit Quartz

Boekenhoutshoek area, Mkobola District, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

A very attractive cluster of golden/yellow Spirit Quartz with multiple large Quartz crystals with smaller secondary crystals on the sides. Because of the shape, specimens from this location are also called Cactus Quartz. Specimens with a similar habit from other locations are also referred to as Corncob Quartz. <.br>
The specimen has a nice sparkle due to the many faces of the secondary crystals. Many of these faces are iridescent as are some of the larger faces on the terminations of the main crystals. The iridescent color is primarily pink or light green iridescence with some areas also showing a light blue/green color or a golden color. On some of the faces, the iridescence has a banding of colors giving a rainbow effect. These colors are more pronounced than in the pictures. This sparkly iridescence gives the specimen a very attractive appearance in person which is hard to depict in a photo.

The yellow color is quite rare; Amethyst being much more common from the location. There were only a limited number of specimens of this color available about 10 years ago when Quartz from this location first appeared (and even less with the iridescence). Most of these were single crystals. This specimen is particularly large for this material and is the second largest I have ever seen.

Specimens of this color have been erroneously labeled Citrine in the past. Actually, the color is just a layer on the surface. I have never heard what the layer is. However, I once had a specimen which was rather dark and dull and decided to clean the specimen in Iron Out. A day later, all the yellow layer was gone and the specimen was just white in color. This particular specimen has some small, brown, micro crystals on one side of the crystals. This specimen has areas of reddish color and combined with the reaction to Iron Out, it is likely the coating is Hematite (or some other iron oxide/hydroxide) Please note: this is the correct location for this material. It can be found in a large area around the village of Boekenhoutshoek. The specimen is in very good condition with the exception of some very minor wear on the terminations of the largest crystals. Also two of the larger crystals on the edge of the specimen are broken open, which reveals the structure of the secondary growth over the primary crystals.

7.7 x 6.2 x 6.6 cm


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