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Mineral Specimen #3630    Witherite, Alstonite, Fluorite

Hardin Co., Illinois

8.4 x 5.2 x 4.8 cm


circa 1960

BaCaCo3 and BaCa(CO3)2

A fairly large Witherite crystal with the top ending in a contact area which has a thin layer of Fluorite. There are other well formed Witherite crystals at the base of one side of this crystal. The Witherite is composed of many smaller, well formed, sub crystal faces which have a glossy luster. The Witherite fluoresces strongly under LW. Under SW, the fluorescence is not as strong but when the light is turned off, the Witherite phosphoresces a green color for a few seconds. On the matrix, around the base of the Witherite, are patches of white colored Alstonite crystals. The Alstonite crystals are small and sharply pointed. The specimen is in fairly good condition with the exception of some bruising along the contact area of the Fluorite. The crystal faces below that are in excellent condition as are the smaller Witherite crystals and the Alstonite crystals.

From the Aaron Neely collection

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