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Mineral Specimen #349    Hopper Crystal Witherite

Minerva # 1 Mine, Cave-in-Rock, Hardin County, Illinois

9.5 x 9 x 7.7 cm



This specimen is composed of hopper growth, hexagonal crystals. This crystal habit is seldom seen in Witherite and as far as I know only found at the Minerva Mine. The crystals are quite large for the species; the most predominate crystal is 3.3 x 1.8 x 1.7 cm. There are a couple of crude Sphalerite crystals at the base and some small purple Fluorite crystals. The specimen is in very good condition with no appreciable damage. Under SW UV, the specimen fluoresces a greenish yellow color with light blue highlights in the interiors of the hopper growths.

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