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Mineral Specimen #3432    Smithsonite

Tsumeb, Namibia

6.5 x 5.8 x 2.9 cm


The surface of this specimen is covered with rhombahedral crystals of Smithsonite which are a pink color with slight peach colored tint. The crystals are up to 3mm in length. The surfaces of the Smithsonite have a high glassy luster and with so many surfaces, the specimen has a lot of sparkle and is quite attractive. There are a few interesting long thin bladed crystals running through the specimen. These bladed crystals appear to have been broken and are unidentified (perhaps Cerussite?). The matrix is composed of a mix of sulfides which are golden in color and metallic gray with a small area of iridescent blue. The specimen is in very good to excellent condition with the exception of the broken white bladed crystals.

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