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Mineral Specimen #3362    Spessartine Garnet and Muscovite on Microcline

Tongbei, Fujian, China

9.8 x 5.4 x 2.6 cm
Largest Garnet XL is 5 mm across


The orange colored garnet crystals on this specimen are gemmy, well formed, and have a high glossy finish. The Muscovite has formed rosettes with silvery colored faces. The color of the sides of the Muscovite rosettes is gray with a slight blue tint. The garnets and mica rosettes are on a bed of small pastel peach colored Microcline crystals below which is massive Microcline. The bottom of the specimen has been sawed. A note on the location: according to the a description of the location on mindat, there are actually two locations for this material. The other location is 30 km to the NW at Yunling in Zhangpu County. Fluorite was found at Yunling but not Tongbei. In the same lot from which this specimen came, there were also specimens with octahedral Fluorite. The specimen is in excellent condition but the crystals do not seem complete.

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