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Mineral Specimen #2424    Copper Pseudomorph after Laumontite coated with Chlorite Included Quartz

Quincy Mine, Quincy Hill, Houghton County, Michigan, USA

Ex. Seaman Mineral Musueum

Here a rarity from the old copper mines of Michigan, Copper which has replaced Laumontite. The structure of the Laumontite is well preserved with fairly sharp edges exhibited. On top of some of the pseudomorphs are small, clear, double terminated Quartz crystals which are included with bright green Chlorite. These are really nice under a 10x loupe. Much of the Copper has a black coating which is likely Tenorite. Essentially, this is an epimorph of a pseudomorph. The specimen is in good condition with the exception of where the black coating has scraped off and the bright colored underlying Copper can be seen.

7.9 x 4.9 x 4.2 cm


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