Red Beryl from Wah Wah Mountains, Utah


M & W Minerals

Walter R. Kellogg


517 294 6709


Ordering Minerals


Hello and thank you for ordering with us.

To place an order, please email  Or if you prefer, my phone mumber is 517 294-6709 and we can take care of everything in person.

In your email, please list which minerals you would like to order. Please list the Mineral #, the Mineral Name, and the price for each mineral you wish to purchase. Below is an example:

#143   Azurite and Malachite   $75

T76    Benitoite  $20

E667 Erythrite $15

Please do not forget the  "T"  for thumnail specimens or the "E" for the E series minerals

In order to calculate the postage to mail your mineral, please include a name and shipping address.

Please indicate the method of payment you wish to use - paypal, credit/debit card, check or money order.

As soon as your email is received, your specimen(s) will be put on reserve, and you will receive a confirmation email with the shipping total and instructions pertaining to payment. Shipping will be done via US Mail which is by far the most cost effecient. The cost will be the amount charged to us rounded up to the next .25.

Registered mail is required for some countries. International purchases will have the customs amount set to the total amount paid (less shipping charges), setting it for less is a federal crime here in the US.

Once payment is made, you will receive an email which will confirm payment and you will be told when your specimen(s) will be mailed. Your specimen(s) will be mailed at the soonest time possible. Usually within 24 to 48 hours. The only exception is if I am out of town at a mineral show or purchasing trip.

Insurance on Shipments

US orders: is required for all dosmetic orders over 75.00.

International orders:  Insurance is recommended especially for some countries. However, for the least expensive method of shipping for order that weigh less than 4 US lbs (1.81 kg) insurance and tracking are not available. If insurance is not taken, no refund will be made if the package is lost or stolen.

Customs forms will be filled out with the amount paid for the minerals (less shipping). Please do not ask me to declare at a lesser value. This is a federal crime in the US punishable up to 5 years in prison.

Reserving specimens

Your specimen will be reserved as soon as possible. The status will be changed to Reserved. The status will remain Reserved until payment has cleared (the amount of time this takes can vary upon method of payment). Once payment has cleared, the specimen will be taken from the site. 

What happens when more than one person requests a specimen before it's status is set to Reserved?

The first person gets the specimen. If there are 2 or more emails, the date/time stamp will be used to determine the "winner". If someone calls, the time will be noted (easy with a cell phone) and checked it against any emails. Everyone involved will be contacted as soon as possible.

Payment Options

The perferred payment method is Paypal. You will have 5 days to make a Paypal payment after I send you your confirmation email unless other arranagements are made. You will get a reminder email after 5 days.

Payment inside the U.S. can also be made by check drawn on a U.S. bank or with a U.S. Postal Service money order. For other types of money orders there will be delay to allow the check to clear.

I am able to process credit/ debit cards. This is done via Paypal's virtual terminal service. The information needed is the Credit Card Number, the First and Last Name on the card, the Expiration Date, and the security code. The information can be sent via email (usually  via 2 emails  to increase security) or over the phone.