Red Beryl from Wah Wah Mountains, Utah


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Mineral Galleries

note: some minerals may be linked to by more than one gallery

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Minerals by Species, Group, Classification, Rarity or Properties

Minerals from Geographical Regions

Rare Mineral Gallery                      

Thumbnail Gallery                            Minerals with Inclusions

Canadian Mineral Gallery             Chinese Mineral Gallery

Mexican Mineral Gallery                Brazilian Mineral Gallery 

Fluorescent Mineral Gallery           Pseudomorphs and Casts

Minerals Priced 20 Dollars or Under

Galleries for minerals from regions/states within the United States:

Michigan Minerals  California & Nevada  Arizona

New York, New Jersey & New England

All other locations within the U.S.

U.S. Mineral Gallery   

Tourmaline Gallery         Copper Gallery          Calcite Gallery

Quartz Gallery                 Fluorite Gallery           Beryl Gallery

Topaz Gallery                  Garnet Gallery            Gold & Silver


European Mineral Gallery

Minerals from Europe Excluding Russia and former Soviet republics

Russian Mineral Gallery

Minerals from Russia and other former Soviet Republics

Systematic Galleries

Native Elements 

Oxides which also includes Hydroxides  

Carbonates which also includes Nitrates and Borates 


Phosphates which also includes Arsenates, Vanadates and the Antimonates


Sulfides which also includes the Sulfosalts, Selenides, Tellurides, Arsenides, Antimonides, and Bismuthinides 

Sulfates which also includes the Sulfites, Chromates, Selenates, Selenites, Tellurates, Tellurites, Molybdates  and Tungstates


Nesosilicates        Cyclosilicates         Sorosilicates

Phyllosilicates       Tectosilicates         Inosilicates

Asian Mineral Gallery 

Minerals from Asia (excluding Russia, former Soviet Republics & China)  (including Japan, Philippines, Pacifica)

African Mineral Gallery

Minerals from Africa and Madagascar

South and Central America Mineral Gallery

Minerals from South and Central America excluding Brazil

Study, Hobby and Bulk Samples

Inexpensive mineral specimens. These are intended as samples for the hobbyist or student. Most specimens here are $20 or under. There are some things sold by the pound. Please note: no photos, just listings.