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Mineral Specimen #5534    Wollastonite

Aeroplane Mine, Tungsten Hills, West Bishop, Bishop Dist., Inyo Co., California

12.3 x 6.4 x 4.4 cm


Ex. Steve Pullman from trade with California Academy of Sciences, Jan. 2006, Collected by William J. Keith USGS, April, 1996


Light gray to white colored Wollastonite with interspersed veins of gray/green colored Calcite and minor orange/brown Andradite. Ex. Steve Pullman obtained by trade with California Academy of Sciences, January, 2006. Collected by William J. Keith, geologist USGS, April, 1996. Fluoresces a light yellow under both LW and SW. UV photo was taken under SW where there is also a small patch of bright green of an unidentified material. Note: the specimen is from a mine run flat in which there was a business card of Keith's with a list a species found and a Pullman label. Because there was only one of each, this specimen comes with a photo copy of both since the original are going with an Andradite specimen from the location.

Condition: Good

Flaws: M

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