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Mineral Specimen #4763    Scheelite, Ferberite, Quartz

Tae Hwa Mine, Neungam-ri, Angseong-myeon, Chungju, Chungcheongbukdo, South Korea

4.4 x 2.5 x 2 cm
Scheelite crystals measure 9.5 x 9 x 10 mm


Ex. Abe Rosenzweig, 1970-1977, Ex. Steve Pullman

Two, merged, octahedral, light brown colored Scheelite crystals are perched on massive Quartz. Also present are crude crystals of black colored Ferberite crystals which have a good glossy luster. Under SW UV, the Scheelite fluoresces a vivid blue/white. A number of small Scheelite crystals in the massive Quartz are revealed when viewed under the SW UV. Note: some of the small fluorescing blue areas in the florescent might be lint or cotton fibers. This is a classic location which was active from 1902 until 1973. Abe Rosenzweig was famous for specimens he brought back from trips to Korea and Taiwan. He lived in Oberlin from 1970 until 1977.

Condition: Good

Flaws: Two of the corners of the Sceelite crystals has a conchoidal cleave and there is a bit powdery Quartz on the surface of the Scheelite.

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