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Mineral Specimen #4257    Cumengeite, Bindheimite, Quartz, minor Malachite, Chalcopyrite, probable Bournonite and posible Tetrahedrite and Pyrite

Newporth Beach, Falmouth, Wendron & Falmouth District, Cornwall, England

Ex. Steve Pullman, Ex. Sid Williams

Pb21Cu20Cl42(OH)40·6H2O, Pb2Sb2O6O

A crust of bright blue Cumengeite is present in two places on this specimen. Under 10x, it does appear as there is some crystallization, but quite small. Also present are two pods of yellow colored Bindheimite. One of these pods has formed around some dark colored sulfide which exhibits some iridescence. There is another area of a massive sulfide, which from the coloration, appears to be Bournonite. Small druze crystals of iron oxide stained Quartz cover some areas. There are also a couple of small vugs containing larger (but still quite small) Quartz crystals. Also present are minor occurrences of Malachite, Chalcopyrite and possibly Tetrahedrite and Pyrite. The specimen is in good condition but is primarily massive material.

9.8 x 3.6 x 2.2 cm


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