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Mineral Specimen #3603    Emerald Crystal (Polished?)


An Emerald crystal with very good color (even better than in the pictures). There are actually two crystals with a much smaller crystal at one end (and a third on the back side). The crystal is semi gemmy and gemmy in small areas and transmits light well. There are some typical black inclusions which are evident in the photos. At first glance, this appears to be a natural crystal, and indeed, a couple of other people who have seen it just said 'nice Emerald' and did not notice it had been polished. But when examining it with a 10x loupe for damage, it became clear the sides and flat termination had been polished. The smaller crystal has not been polished, In fact, the difference in the smoothness of the two crystals is what lad to the conclusion the specimen had been polished. The specimen is in good condition with the exception of some internal cleaves and some pits in places on the surface.

20 x 11 x 7 mm
2.9 g


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